A ‘Katti ‘ to the ‘Katti- Batti’

Film Review of the recent Bollywood Release Katti Batti


Starring -Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan

Releasing date-18th Sept,2015

My rating-1/5

Directed by-Nikhil Advaani

Produced by-Sidharth Roy Kapur

Katti Batti ,is a film based on modern day relationships starring Imran Khan and Kangna Ranaut.Turned out to be  a perfect bore.It revolves around a college based love story turning hostile as the name suggests.The dialogues are not impressive, neither is Imran’s acting which lags at the most crucial parts of the plot.You keep craving for more from the actor throughout but his innocent face is something that keeps you glancing the screen.Songs of the movie except the one party song are “OK -OK”.Kangana was perfect throughout except for having chose such a monotonous story. No laugh gags throughout. Story turning quite predictable except at the ending which kinda sews the clinging strings together.  Makes you cry even if it made you yawn aal dat tym before.


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