That Animal in You

(Dedicated to one of my friend who is right now behind the bars  for a single mistake of his. I hope he gets out of there ASAP.)So here it goes-
…That day Phillip entered the office#442,High Street, located in the most elite surroundings of Sydney, in an all new enthusiasm ,dressed in his most crisp linen suit and his black, shiny ,heeled shoes tick-tocking through the ordinary cabins to his newly renovated office area. His co-employees who until yesterday used to share jokes with him today stood up in their seats and wished him a ‘Good Morning’; expect the one face who he already knew was jealous of his promotion. Everybody was happy of Phillip’s success. ”Oh, he deserves it. Given the tremendous hard work and the calm personality of his.I don’t know how Harry got into a rivalry with such a tranquil personality?” came a comment from Shanaya ,the receptionist in the firm.
Phillip sitting smugly in his office chair knew very well the responsibilities on his shoulders. The very first thing he knew was the requirement for the nice working ambience and his good relations with his co-employees for the same. He immediately picked up the phone and called Harry to his room in his most sweet voice. Today he will surely sort out all the confusions between them and start anew.


Harry entered without knocking as Phillip had earlier expected. He put his temper into control although it was difficult to do so. But to his surprise Harry didn’t stop his steps until he reached a point where Phillip’s chair was placed. Harry took the collar of Phillip in his hands saying ”So now you’ve got a nice chance to fulfill your desire of insulting me. Called me here !You will give your first order from your new chair to me! You B*****d!” Phillip at last was enraged and lost control over his hands. He punched Harry straight in his stomach with all the vigor that he could gather up in his fist.


The next moment Harry  was puking blood on the office floor. Ambulance was called. But even before it reached ,Harry was dead. Phillip lost his designation. His  job. His status. His family.  Was sentenced for five years behind the bars.
Just a matter of minutes and his life went topsy -turvy. If only he could tame that animal which grew within him a second before, he would not have been repenting now. Its not just a story of Phillip or Harry. Its a story of those people who leave their home to reach some destination but end up playing blood games. Road Rage and its thousands victims daily. Its a story of those who Bully people and the ones who get bullied. Its a story of that girl in your country who has lost her smile because an animal named “man” raped her. Its a story of that man who raped. Its a story of that person who protected the girl next to his  seat in the bus being molested by those stray men. It’s a story of Us all. 


Just like Phillip each and everyone of us has an animal within us. Some can hide it beneath and some loose control over it often. In the very end it all turns out how well we can tame that animal which hides beneath. Because that animal can decide the course of your life. The Course of HUMANITY.


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