Sheena Murder Mystery: A Twist in the Tale


Are you also tired by the headlines as the one titled above? Enough has been heard by India over the much covered case in Indian History : ’The Sheena Bora Murder Mystery’. With news channels crossing all limits of Media Ethics and giving all kinds of reports ranging from Indrani’s first husband’s interview to the commentaries on Indrani’s character, without even fearing that Indrani  may return home with the Clean Chit in the End. Till now only Investigation is in process and NO established Facts are out ,still since recently the TV channels  and newspapers were fighting with each other to announce a verdict even before any court could .


But a Twist in the Tale came when Viewership of the same news channels came down instead of going up as expected by the much sensationalized ‘Sheena Bora Murder Mystery’. Twitter flooding with tweets like ’No more Indrani  Please. ’ Yes ,the audience is changing. They are getting smarter.
                          Media turns hostile many a times. The famous case of Haryana sisters who were seen fighting openly with some boys in a bus was also an e.g. of Hectic Media Reporting without the much needed investigation. TV channels had even invited those sisters for a live interview when an another video of the same girls went viral again with an altogether different story, the same girls in the wrong this time. But till now much harm was already done. The boys who were accused of eve teasing the girls were already eliminated from their medical college and were defamed to a much extent before anything could be done by media as a compensation.
                And who can forget the Aarushi Murder case. The media’s portrayal of her parents as murderers was never approved by any investigation agency.
                   What is common in all the three cases above? The hectic media which doesn’t’ Disseminate’ but ‘Makes News’ according to its revenue requirements. Once Broadcasted is Broadcasted Forever. It can’t be compensated. As a Viewer it’s our responsibility to not only listen to what is being told but but evaluate it from the angle of business making  media. They all work for money .No doubt. Dont watch Sensational but go craving for the Facts.
And all those who turned to this article for a real twist in the Sheena Mystery , I beg pardon. Sensationalising ….this is how it works. Making you click the link before you feel like scrolling down!So now you understand!


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