From Animal Skins to Spacesuits(via Niqabs and Hijabs).

One stormy night when the winter was at its peak a  Homo sapien  who was already hiding in a stone cave found some warmth returning to his body when being covered by the skin of a deer .This was the moment  when ‘clothes’ were invented(or you may take it as a ‘cloth’)for the first time in history.That was also the time when cloth was used only for ‘comfort’sort of purpose;to save naked skin from the chilling wind or a scorching sun.If at that time a ‘sale’ had existed selling those animal skins ,this would have been written on the hoarding outside the ‘cave’(its hard to imagine something as a ‘showroom’ for that time so I better put it as a ‘cave’):”WINTER is Approaching .Why not buy some to SURVIVE well.”No words like ‘Fashion’,’Colours’,’Latest’,’Occasion’,’Fabric’,’Quality’,’Imported’ or ‘Hand-stitched’would have worked well for the business.Nothing but SEASON AND SURVIVAL.longevity

From that day the animal skin has Ever- Evolved. Evolved form a mere piece of ‘ leather’ to something such as “Rayon and Polyester”. Evolved Fabric. Evolved Cotton. Evolved “Social Sensibility” and “Shame”for those who didn’t cover the outermost layer of their  physical body-‘Epidermis’,with yet another social layer –“clothes”. Evolved”Veils”. Evolved ‘Black’ for mourning and ‘Colours’ for Joys. Evolved ‘Formalities’. Evolved “FASHION”.Evolved Quality. Evolved Imported Silk. Evolved Gold Strings.Evolved Silk Robes with stitches of Gold Strings.and Embedded Pearls.  Evolved Rags with Patches on the fragile bodies of those hands which hold an Empty Bowl.Evolved “Social Differences” and “Standards”and “Statuses”. Evolved Floor-touching Gowns,laden with laces ,hard to even move around ,weighing in pounds and pounds and pounds.Evolved Coat-Pent -Tie for the 21st century “upper High Class”. Evolved Laboratories.Evolved to hold a separate branch in Chemical Sciences.Evolved Swimsuits. Evolved Space Suits. Evolved a Burning Desire TO BE WHAT WE ARE NOT!  Evolved a Desire to Conquest!Evolved for the Worst of Worsts!

‘Comfort’ was the name of the Necessity  which gave birth to the  Invention called “Clothes”.Now in this 21st century everyone seems to forget comfort and is running in a rat race:for Fashion (will be writing soon over fashion too….sorry if my “soon” turns out to be a little longer than usual “soons”.),for social obligations,covering up their bodily glitches and putting up their Best Artificial.All Made Up!

Yet another class of “scolarly” people is busy telling their girls they should cover themselves up,from tip to toe.In some countries (a few)its even illegal to go out without a Niqab.I don’t say there’s anything wrong in a Niqab or Hijab.These are also some nice pieces of fashionable fabric.They can completely tranform your look and personality(in either way I must put it).Even I prefer covering my bare face with a sheet of cloth (it gives an appearance just like some of those Hijabs).Sometimes to save my skin when stepping out in sun and also on windy ,stormy days to prevent the dust.Its works as well as Goggles can do for your eyes(except the fact it is obviously not transparent).


But hey !I wont ever wear it on a cloudy day with a zero wind speed ,Sorry but I dont want to boil myself up.And why would I wear it while I am working or when an Earthquake strikes and I do not rush out of my house and get myself trapped under debris just because I was busy finding a cloth to cover my head or face or silhouette .I will not wear it if it restricts me.And no one can ever stop me from wearing it if i think its protects me from dust.

There’s just no problem in the Hijab .The problem is in ‘Imparting it Upon Someone’. Moreover why should someone cover his or her face ? Face is just another mark of identity just as a DNA segment of a person.Aafteraal only your DNA is reflected on your face as well. Why would someone hide his or her identity?I wouldn’t have ever hidden my face even if it looked aal too bad,Oh! Afterall its me and my own property and No one is ever born so big or great enough or will ever take birth in the whole universe to make statements  on my covered/uncovered face.Has the one being asked to be covering his face has committed a crime,just like those criminals detained by police ,the one we see in newspaper photos.More over hiding your identity only makes it easy to commit one.Thats why its an mandatory instruction to be followed in banks and malls not to cover your face while you are in the premises;no shit whatever community you belong.No one can and should compromise with the security.

To sum up It all must be left to the person either he or she wants to wrap themselves up in clothes or go nude(in that case the person must take the danger of being laughed upon at by the surrounding faces,a rather brave act  I would put it).

Coming back to ‘Comfort and Clothes’,once again .Today when I was going through a daily I stumbled upon a piece of news “A 24 year old women lost her life on Highway no. 21 while heading towards Delhi ,sitting on the back seat of her husband’s motorbike.Witnesses include a 32 year old woman who was driving just behind the couple and saw the accident happen but couldn’t do much to stop it apart her efforts.”I could see the woman’s scarf clutching with every wheel rotation into the spokes of the wheel.Before I could rush my car tell her husband  to stop the bike,his wife had already choked to death.The woman was immediately took to the nearest hospital where she was reported dead by the doctors.” This news article  proved to me that there’s a very thin line left b/w fashion and our lives.We’ll have to be careful before we end up crossing it.

So basically what I wanted to say  and convey by what you just ended up reading —

> Wear Comfortable.

> Putting forward your own style statement is much better than following some kinda fashion.

>Don’t follow anyone but Yourself .

>Remember:the first cloth on Earth was wore as a protection from weather conditions !


Feeling Small in a Big Cosmos 03: Proverbs

Feeling Small in a Big Cosmos 03: Proverbs

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Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok 1 launch on 12 April 1961. Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok 1 launch on 12 April 1961.

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