A Walkthrough through Indian Cryptocurrency Scene

India is currently the hotbed for Crypto innovation and investment. Every day we see news headlines talking about bitcoins! Bitcoin has reached this,  bitcoin has crossed that! But how well bitcoin is actually replacing the conventional money?

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You might be investing in Cryptocurrency but how many times do you think about using it in place of your usual crunch or crumbled notes. Not many uhh!!


And moreover, there’s always this doubt if your exchange is a scam!


Especially when your finance minister wakes up one day and announces that Bitcoin is not in legal tender in India, it scares you that not even your government is gonna take your responsibility.


But just think about it! Legal tenders was never a goal of cryptocurrency, only acceptance is! It was built to become and be defined as a decentralized form of money which literally means that it’s not governed by any government, and that actually is one of its characteristic features.


And then you will ask us if how should you tackle all the scams going on, how to know if your exchange is not going to flee away with your money?


It’s simple! How do you know if which bank is genuine? By looking at the numbers and popularity right! By giving a look at the previous records of credibility! Or maybe looking at the business model! Going intensively through the whitepaper! Yes, that white sheet of paper really matters.


Roughly two and a half years ago in May 2015, the famous Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan invested about a $0.25 million in Bitcoins and now its value has risen to $17.5 million in such a short span.  


Income Tax department right now is performing several raids on different exchanges all over India, researching the “taxability of bitcoin” while looking onto the list of highest gainers who failed to report their gains to the government. Even the government wants to make its share at this dawn of the Bitcoin Boom.


This is exactly what government hates most about these cryptocurrencies, that its holder no longer has to pay back to the government.  


And even after all these obstacles, 2018 for sure has brought an amazing opening in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Isn’t it a start of a new dawn!?!

It for sure is!


This New Solution for Road Traffic is Uber Effective! Check Out!

Originally posted on techinsider.io

Anyone who has ever made a left turn in a busy intersection understands that it can be a stressful maneuver. Not only do you have to wait impatiently for a break in the stream of cars coming the opposite direction, you often hold up a line of traffic, and even risk getting into a collision if other drivers aren’t following the rules of the road.

But despite how standard it may seem to turn left into traffic, that’s actually not an inevitable part of driving. There’s an intersection design that could save you all that trouble.

The “diverging diamond interchange” creates designated ramps that gradually direct cars to veer left or right, without ever requiring them to cross in front of ongoing traffic.

Though it might look complicated, it’s actually a simple concept. Say, for example, that you’re driving from west to east. As you come to the intersection, a red light may stop you as you let cars going the other way pass. (This is the only time streams of traffic cross each other.) If you want to turn right, a lane peels off and merges with the road carrying southbound cars. If you want to turn left, you just follow the ramp that veers to the north.

Watch it in action:

Since 2009, this diamond design has been implemented in 62 intersections across 22 US states, according to Wired.

And it’s working: In a recent study comparing crash data from before and after a series of intersections were converted to the new design, researchers found that overall crashes were reduced by 33%, while crashes that result in injury were reduced by 41%.

The diverging diamond was popularized in the US by Gilbert Chlewicki, the founder of Advanced Transportation Solutions, a transportation planning and design firm. Chlewicki wrote a term paper about the concept as a graduate student in 2000, and has devoted much of his life’s work to promoting the design ever since. He’s published several papers about it and has presented at conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

The first diamond interchange in the US was built in Springfield, Missouri in 2009 (France has had a few since the 1970s) and Chlewicki attended the ribbon cutting. In a survey conducted there later, 95% of drivers surveyed said there has been less traffic congestion since the new intersection opened, and 97% said they felt safer.

According to a map on Chlewicki’s official website for the design, many more such intersections are currently being planned and constructed, mostly in Midwestern states. The rest of the country’s commuters will have to continue suffering through regular left turns until the trend catches on elsewhere.

So finally we started to THINK!!

So what really India is?? Is it a landmass consisting of 29 states, stretching from “Kanyakumaari to Kashmir” or is it a mere idea–an idea of ‘Unity in Diversity’, which many state politicians do repeat in their prepared speeches which they deliver at the time of elections and national festivals. Lets look into what a writer sitting in the corner of the country thinks like, not only  while peeping through their windows,sipping a cup of coffee but  doing ground researches and meeting the unpublished minds. Arundhati Roy’s take on what the real India be like. An excerpt taken from her famous writing “The End of Imagination” which she had written a few weeks after India detonated a thermonuclear device in 1998. This excerpt somehow fits in perfectly to the current Indian scenario, the rise of pro-Hindus, some Muslim leaders coming up saying they wont sing “Bharat Mata ki Jai“( a way of salutation of the country, similar to the way in which  Hindus pray to their deities), the on-going JNU row in Delhi,the country’s capital where some students were arrested on the charges of ‘sedition’ while students claim it was their right to the ‘freedom of expression’. The country is in turmoil, one positive aspect being the exercising of freedom, a no to age old customary ideas imparted on the common citizens, inclusion of  different thinking, and growing up as a democracy towards even more democratic edges. Everything is being re- thought be it the Kashmir issue, the hanging of 2001 parliament attacker ‘Afzal Guru’, the idea of Azadi, the priorities-the minorities of the country, the basis on what reservations be given. Somehow we as the citizens of our country have started to think and to make think._88571684_e2109630-3e79-458b-912a-b3ce2e0021ba

Coming back to the writing, here it goes…

“If there is going to be a pro-authenticity/anti-national drive, perhaps the government ought to get its history straight and its facts right. If they’re going to do it, they may as well do it properly.

First of all, the original inhabitants of this land were not Hindu. Ancient though it is, there were human beings on earth before there was Hinduism. India’s tribal people have a greater claim to being indigenous to this land than anybody else, and how are they treated by the state and its minions? Oppressed, cheated, robbed of their lands, shunted around like surplus goods. Perhaps a good place to start would be to restore to them the dignity that was once theirs. Perhaps the government could make a public undertaking that more dams of this kind will not be built, that more people will not be displaced.

But of course that would be inconceivable, wouldn’t it? Why? Because it’s impractical. Because tribal people don’t really matter. Their histories, their customs, their deities are dispensable. They must learn to sacrifice these things for the greater good of the Nation (that has snatched from them everything they ever had).

Okay, so that’s out.

For the rest, I could compile a practical list of things to ban and buildings to break. It’ll need some research, but off the top of my head here are a few suggestions.

They could begin by banning a number of ingredients from our cuisine: chilies (Mexico), tomatoes (Peru), potatoes (Bolivia), coffee (Morocco), tea, white sugar, cinnamon (China) . . . they could then move into recipes. Tea with milk and sugar, for instance (Britain).

Smoking will be out of the question. Tobacco came from North America.

Cricket, English and Democracy should be forbidden. Either kabaddi or kho-kho could replace cricket. I don’t want to start a riot, so I hesitate to suggest a replacement for English. (Italian? It has found its way to us via a kinder route: marriage, not imperialism.)

All hospitals in which western medicine is practised or prescribed should be shut down. All national newspapers discontinued. The railways dismantled. Airports closed. And what about our newest toy – the mobile phone? Can we live without it, or shall I suggest that they make an exception there? They could put it down in the column marked ‘Universal?’ (Only essential commodities will be included here. No music, art or literature.)

Needless to say, sending your children to university in the US, and rushing there yourself to have your prostate operated upon will be a cognizable offence.

The building demolition drive could begin with the Rashtrapati Bhavan and gradually spread from cities to the countryside, culminating in the destruction of all monuments(mosques, churches, temples)that were built on what was once Adivasi or forest land.

It will be a long, long list. It would take years of work. I could not use a computer because that wouldn’t be very authentic of me, would it?

I don’t mean to be facetious, merely to point out that this is surely the shortcut to hell. There’s no such thing as an Authentic India or a Real Indian. There is no Divine Committee that has the right to sanction one single, authorized version of what India is or should be.Their is no one religion or language  or caste or region or person or story or book that claim to be its sole representative. There are, and can only be visions of India, various ways of seeing it- honest, dishonest, wonderful, absurd, modern, traditional, male, female. They can be argued over, criticized, praised, scorned, but not banned or broken. Not hunted down.”

A ‘Katti ‘ to the ‘Katti- Batti’

Film Review of the recent Bollywood Release Katti Batti


Starring -Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan

Releasing date-18th Sept,2015

My rating-1/5

Directed by-Nikhil Advaani

Produced by-Sidharth Roy Kapur

Katti Batti ,is a film based on modern day relationships starring Imran Khan and Kangna Ranaut.Turned out to be  a perfect bore.It revolves around a college based love story turning hostile as the name suggests.The dialogues are not impressive, neither is Imran’s acting which lags at the most crucial parts of the plot.You keep craving for more from the actor throughout but his innocent face is something that keeps you glancing the screen.Songs of the movie except the one party song are “OK -OK”.Kangana was perfect throughout except for having chose such a monotonous story. No laugh gags throughout. Story turning quite predictable except at the ending which kinda sews the clinging strings together.  Makes you cry even if it made you yawn aal dat tym before.

The New Weight Loosing Pill


There is one super expensive new drug coming out.It reduces heart disease by 60%,cancer by 27%,Alzheimer’s by 50% and arthritis by 47%.Its now our best treatment for fatigue and low back pain.It cures athird of erectile dysfunction and cuts anxiety and depression by 48%.People even lose weight on this stuff ….Okay its not  new or expensive or even a pill.Its Walking.-Dr.Mike Evans

That Animal in You

(Dedicated to one of my friend who is right now behind the bars  for a single mistake of his. I hope he gets out of there ASAP.)So here it goes-
…That day Phillip entered the office#442,High Street, located in the most elite surroundings of Sydney, in an all new enthusiasm ,dressed in his most crisp linen suit and his black, shiny ,heeled shoes tick-tocking through the ordinary cabins to his newly renovated office area. His co-employees who until yesterday used to share jokes with him today stood up in their seats and wished him a ‘Good Morning’; expect the one face who he already knew was jealous of his promotion. Everybody was happy of Phillip’s success. ”Oh, he deserves it. Given the tremendous hard work and the calm personality of his.I don’t know how Harry got into a rivalry with such a tranquil personality?” came a comment from Shanaya ,the receptionist in the firm.
Phillip sitting smugly in his office chair knew very well the responsibilities on his shoulders. The very first thing he knew was the requirement for the nice working ambience and his good relations with his co-employees for the same. He immediately picked up the phone and called Harry to his room in his most sweet voice. Today he will surely sort out all the confusions between them and start anew.


Harry entered without knocking as Phillip had earlier expected. He put his temper into control although it was difficult to do so. But to his surprise Harry didn’t stop his steps until he reached a point where Phillip’s chair was placed. Harry took the collar of Phillip in his hands saying ”So now you’ve got a nice chance to fulfill your desire of insulting me. Called me here !You will give your first order from your new chair to me! You B*****d!” Phillip at last was enraged and lost control over his hands. He punched Harry straight in his stomach with all the vigor that he could gather up in his fist.


The next moment Harry  was puking blood on the office floor. Ambulance was called. But even before it reached ,Harry was dead. Phillip lost his designation. His  job. His status. His family.  Was sentenced for five years behind the bars.
Just a matter of minutes and his life went topsy -turvy. If only he could tame that animal which grew within him a second before, he would not have been repenting now. Its not just a story of Phillip or Harry. Its a story of those people who leave their home to reach some destination but end up playing blood games. Road Rage and its thousands victims daily. Its a story of those who Bully people and the ones who get bullied. Its a story of that girl in your country who has lost her smile because an animal named “man” raped her. Its a story of that man who raped. Its a story of that person who protected the girl next to his  seat in the bus being molested by those stray men. It’s a story of Us all. 


Just like Phillip each and everyone of us has an animal within us. Some can hide it beneath and some loose control over it often. In the very end it all turns out how well we can tame that animal which hides beneath. Because that animal can decide the course of your life. The Course of HUMANITY.